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Complete Wealth Management

Wealth Management in San Antonio is Easy with WhiteStone

Retirement Planning

Let us face it, retirement means something different for everyone. That is why we view every client’s’ journey to and through retirement from their unique perspective. This allows us to custom-build financial plans with the exact types of investments that will help meet their unique income needs to experience all they have dreamed about in this special stage of life.

1031 Exchanges

Not everyone owns real estate investment property as part of their overall financial plan but many of our clients do. For those, we apply our years of experience and help them enjoy the benefits of deferring capital gains tax on the sale of investment property by guiding them successfully through the intricacies of the 1031 exchange process using the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) structure.


Many think of estate planning as the domain of specialized attorneys, but financial planning is also an integral part of this discussion and we assume our role in this process with the seriousness it deserves. Managing and preserving wealth are cornerstones of our practice, yet helping clients understand how to transition that wealth efficiently is another valuable service we provide.


We believe that investing begins with an understanding of how wealth should be managed according to when it will be spent, with a keen eye on managing risk all along the way. We believe investing is about more than stocks and bonds. It is about creating diversified client portfolios with the complimentary, yet uncorrelated asset classes that will help meet clients’ income needs, while also helping to preserve their wealth.


You insure your house, your car and even your life. So, why would you not consider protecting the wealth you have accumulated over a lifetime. Oddly, most investors do not think of it that way. Our experience has shown that insurance – life, disability, long term care, or annuities – can play an important role in every client’s portfolio, and our team is steeped in the knowledge of each of these solutions.

Wealth Management

As the name of our firm implies, wealth management is the foundation of everything we do. We embrace the Endowment Model of portfolio design which incorporates alternative investment strategies with a priority tilt towards wealth preservation. So, whether working with individuals, foundations, or trusts, we service clients in this capacity with an unbending recognition of our responsibility as a fiduciary.

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